SCVC has been a member of the Model A Ford Club of America (MAFCA) since 1960


About this time every year we have our President pick a place to have an afternoon BBQ.  This year our President chose Sanborn Park and also made sure the weather was just right.  Thirty-eight member families, and one guest family attended the President’s Picnic at Sanborn Park.  Thirty of those participating member families arrived in Model A Fords.  I’d say that was a very good turnout.  Glenn got the BBQ fire roaring shortly after we all arrived and it didn’t take long for the grill to fill up. And BBQ we did – Steak, chicken, ribs, tri-tip, sausages of various varieties, hot dogs, hamburger, baked beans and probably a few I’m forgetting.  Then of course there were two other table of goodies.  One were the side-dishes and the other was the dessert table. The sides included several salads, watermelon, fruits, beans and again a few I’m forgetting.  The desert table had some many goodies that in some parts they were stacked three high.  It quickly went to two high and the last time I looked it was down to one high and the table was only half covered.  Once people finished their main course they headed over to the desert table and then when they finished their desserts they headed over to the dessert table. Needless to say the desserts were a big hit – but wait – did somebody say ice cream.  Kelly and Anne brought a couple of tubs of ice cream and toppings – another big hit. 

If you left hungry you weren’t trying – very nice day to spend with friends.  Thanks to everyone who helped set up and to all that brought a dish to share.




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