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   Manifold Destiny is the 21st century's version of Manifest Destiny                    
In the 19th century, Manifest Destiny was a widely held belief in the United States that its settlers were destined to expand across North America.

 Now in the 21st century, Manifold Destiny is a widely held belief that expands to all parts of the world that Model A enthusiasts are destined to cook their way around the world.

 On Saturday July 2, 2016 a small group was formed from the Santa Clara Model A Club to begin the manifold cooking journey. Twenty-two Model A's as well as a few members in moderns drove the back roads of Santa Clara County, all the while their meals were cooking and their manifolds were smokin! Baked Potatoes, meat balls, hot dogs, sausage, tri-tip, tamales and yes peach cobbler. A feast for kings and queens! The manifold cookers were amazing; food was wrapped in foil, some double wrapped some triple wrapped some placed directly on the manifold while others were in homemade cookers made of stove pipe, cylinder can, aluminum pans and a couple of professional manufactured models and of course plenty of bailing wire.  The tour had three stops to stir, turn over, taste or just look at the food and totaled 35 miles.  Many left home with their food cooking while others began their cooking  at the place we met. 

 First stop was a place hidden off a country road.  What a treat to see the home of the Barbosa’s and how nice it was for them to host us.  You could almost go into sensory overload with everything to look at.  Inside was just as interesting as the outside with all of the mounts on the walls.  Everything from old tractors, to totem poles to old farm equipment garnished the outdoor space.  Very unique and Ed’s shop was interesting with vintage chain saws, the oldest dating to 1947, not to mention his latest bear creation.

Second stop was Machado School where we just stopped long enough to turn, stir or look at your food and then out on the road again.

Third stop was a park at the base of Anderson Dam which again was a stop to check your food and also drive to the top of Anderson Dam and then to drive across the Dam.  It was sure good to see water in the dam and a few boats floating around on the hot day.

After leaving the dam we took a short drive to Andy’s Fruit Stand which was the last stop to check your food but more than that it was a terrific stop to purchase fruit as well as sample a few peaches, cherries, nectarines and other fruits.  Seem most came out what a bag or two of goodies.

Next stop was the final stop and where our manifold cooking ability would be shown to all.  




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