SCVC has been a member of the Model A Ford Club of America since 1960

2016 MAFCA National Convention

The 2016 MAFCA National Convention was held in Loveland Colorado, The Sweetheart City from June 20-25.  SCVC had members arriving at various times over the weekend.  Some drove their A’s, some trailered their A’s and some drove in their modern cars. 

The Model A Ford Club of Colorado, did an outstanding job.  The event was well planned, events were easy to find and it appeared everyone had a good time. Monday was the first official day of the event so if you hadn’t registered then you registered and selected a table for the Award Banquet.  Then it was off to the raffle room to look at the prizes and decide what to go for.  There were of course hospitality goodies and the Colorado group baked 500 dozen cookies, yes 500 dozen.  There was plenty of refreshments, chips, cookies, cookies and cookies.  Plenty of seminars and both an indoor and outdoor swap meet which had some very nice items for your Model A and some stuff that was a, shall we say, a bit used.  There as a fashion boutique were our own Nancy Peters had items for sale as did our distant member Patti Jones.  Word has it that many of our SCVC ladies were seen with a few needed items. Then there was the Welcome Party – what a cool party.  Games, face painting and picture taking.  It was funny to see adults getting their faces painted – Chuck Christensen organized a group for a Model A race (wooden cars) and Susan Kafer won. A second race was formed and after Chuck E. made a mad dash for the yellow car he was off to a slow start, gained momentum on Nora who pushed him and eventually won!! Speaking of slow starts Lee Dal Canto barely got out of the starting gate before the race was over.  Fun by all!  Then off to a terrific dinner, speeches and a talent show. 

Tuesday was Fashion Judging day and the SCVC Ladies and Men did SCVC proud.  Here are the results:

Anne Bybee received an Award of Excellence and BEST OF CATEGORY Era Image.

Mark and Jill Barrett received an Award of Excellence in the Couple's Category and the Marshall and Veta Lewis Era Fashion Couple's Award

Glenn Wildman received an Award of Excellence in the Era Image Category

Judy Dal Canto received a First Place Award in the Era Image Category.

Liz Bueno Award of Excellence in the Era Original Category

And our own Vicki Wildman participated as a Fashion Judge.

More seminars and the Restorers Class Car Evaluations – Wayne and Julie Innamorato received a Silver Medal (2nd place) for their 1931 Slant Window Town Sedan.  




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Wednesday was more seminars,, tours and Fine Point Car Judging.  Again SCVC was well represented in the Judge category. Mark Barrett, Bill Cilker, Chuck Elderton and Wayne Innamorato judged.

The fashion tea was held on this day as well and as noted  SCVC did nicely.  Julie Innamorato said the tea was very nice and that the food was good and the overall event was fun.  Most if not all of the SCVC ladies dressed up in era fashions.

Thursday was the Grand tour and Hubley Derby – the tour took us to Esty Park at the 7600 ft elevation.   Once at Esty Park we had a buffet lunch – tri tip, chicken, beans, salad, corn and ice tea or water.  By the way – the count at the meet was somewhere around 1200 people and around 450-500 Model A’s. 

The Hubley race bought home a first place by Glenn Wildman as his car zoomed past everything in its way and the Rinaldi grandkids did pretty good themselvesIn the up to 7yr old division Blaine Rinaldi won first and Garrett DeMello won third. in the 8 to 13 yr old divisionChaz Rinaldi won second and in the 14 to 17yr old divisionJacob DeMello won second.

Friday was the last day -- car games as well as the Awards Banquet were on the docket.  We did get a winner in the car games – Alfi won third place in the ring toss – congrats!!  The Awards Banquet had the typical announcements and then on to the awards of which have already been described above.  Congratulation to everyone again.  The dinner was tasty and the assorted desserts topped everything off nicely.

Saturday everyone pretty much headed home. Fun was had by everyone and it was a very enjoyable National Convention.  Can’t wait until Reno in 2018!!!!!