Library for the SCVC Membership

The listings below are the titles available in our library.  To check out any of these items please Contact Paul or Jane Grometer at


Honk your horn

How to avoid Fahrenheit Fright

Installing 30 Coupe Roof

Installing a New Roof

Installing an overdrive

Installing Model A brake floater

Installing new roof on pick up

Keys and Locks

Metal Polishing and Buffing

Rebuilding & Timing Distributor

Rebuilding 2- tooth steering

Rebuilding 3 speed transmission

Rebuilding Model A Transmission

Rebuilding Shock Absorbers

Rebuilding Starters

Replace Brake Drums

Replacing Model A Engine

Replacing Timing Gear

Set Engine Bearing Clearances

The Flasher / directional signals

Timing the Ignition

North Western Regional 2007

Seat Belt Seminar 8/09

Life and Time of Henry Ford

Milestone Model A

Mystery Cars

Night without Justice

The American Road

Tin Lizzy Tycoon- Henry Ford

Yokohama Model A Plant

Slides from 1978 Round up



Model A locks and Keys

O Brother Where Art Thou

Original Era Fashions

Paint preparation

Painting and Wood graining

Reproduction Fashions

Roadside Troubleshooting

Rust Repair

S.C.V.C. Car Games 11-15-03

Striping and Upholstery

The American Road

The Flasher

The New Ford

The New Ford- Intro Film

The Sundial Field

Timing the Ignition

Tin Lizzy Tycoon- Henry Ford

Yokohama Model A

Yokohama Model A / Burma Shave

Model A restoration/maintenance

Speed A Technology

1988 Hershey Car Show

1994 S.C. V.C. Era Fashions

Alaska Highway

Autumn Trails

Body Repair

Burma Shave


Deluxe Delivery

Dial D for Distributor

Ford History/1980 National Meet

Gennin Along

gennin'along with Lloyd &Floyd

Hammer Welding

Haunted Automobiles

Honk your horn

How the New Ford Was Made

How to avoid Fahrenheit Fright

Introduction of the Model A

Life of Henry Ford

Metal polishing and buffing

Model A Era Ads

Model A era jewelry/shoes

Model A Horns


Book of Fashion Facts

Old Fashioned Ribbon Art

Ribbon Art

Era Fashion Patterns (#21)

Cooking with Henry’s ladies

How to Make Children’s clothes

Short cut to Home sewing

How to make dresses

Art of Dressmaking

Draping and Designing with Scissors & Cloth 1920’s

Fast fit – Easy Pattern alterations for every figure

How to make drapes    

Fordex Data

Model A Restoration Handbook 1997

Restore your Model A

Restore our Model A – Volumes 1-4

Model A Mechanics Vol I and II

Model A Paint & Finish 3rd edition

Model A Troubleshooting & Diagnostics

Model A miseries and cure

S.J. Police and Fire Department

SCVC Model A Memories 50th (3 copies)

Cars that Henry Ford Built

Driven (photo bio of H. Ford)

The Peoples Tycoon

The Tudor Book 1928-1931

The Ford Model A

The Legendary Model A Ford

Faces of Henry Ford

The Ford Model A as Henry Built it

Fabulous Century 1930-1940

Two bucks and a can of gas

Pages of time 1928-1931

2006 Membership Roster

Advertise Model A Ford

Fashion Guidelines 2010 version – 2 copies

Manifold Destiny (cooking)

Motor to Golden Gate

NADA Guide (2002)

Passport to Adventure

Wheels for the World

Two bucks and a can of gas

Pages of time 1928-1931

By Motor to Golden Gate

Misc. Restorer magazines