Library for the SCVC Membership

The listings below are the titles available in our library.  To check out any of these items please Contact our Librarian at SCVC_Librarian 


Honk your horn

How to avoid Fahrenheit Fright

Installing 30 Coupe Roof

Installing a New Roof

Installing an overdrive

Installing Model A brake floater

Installing new roof on pick up

Keys and Locks

Metal Polishing and Buffing

Rebuilding & Timing Distributor

Rebuilding 2- tooth steering

Rebuilding 3 speed transmission

Rebuilding Model A Transmission

Rebuilding Shock Absorbers

Rebuilding Starters

Replace Brake Drums

Replacing Model A Engine

Replacing Timing Gear

Set Engine Bearing Clearances

The Flasher / directional signals

Timing the Ignition

North Western Regional 2007

Seat Belt Seminar 8/09

Life and Time of Henry Ford

Milestone Model A

Mystery Cars

Night without Justice

The American Road

Tin Lizzy Tycoon- Henry Ford

Yokohama Model A Plant

Slides from 1978 Round up



Model A locks and Keys

O Brother Where Art Thou

Original Era Fashions

Paint preparation

Painting and Wood graining

Reproduction Fashions

Roadside Troubleshooting

Rust Repair

S.C.V.C. Car Games 11-15-03

Striping and Upholstery

The American Road

The Flasher

The New Ford

The New Ford- Intro Film

The Sundial Field

Timing the Ignition

Tin Lizzy Tycoon- Henry Ford

Yokohama Model A

Yokohama Model A / Burma Shave

Model A restoration/maintenance

Speed A Technology

1988 Hershey Car Show

1994 S.C. V.C. Era Fashions

Alaska Highway

Autumn Trails

Body Repair

Burma Shave


Deluxe Delivery

Dial D for Distributor

Ford History/1980 National Meet

Gennin Along

gennin'along with Lloyd &Floyd

Hammer Welding

Haunted Automobiles

Honk your horn

How the New Ford Was Made

How to avoid Fahrenheit Fright

Introduction of the Model A

Life of Henry Ford

Metal polishing and buffing

Model A Era Ads

Model A era jewelry/shoes

Model A Horns


Book of Fashion Facts

Old Fashioned Ribbon Art

Ribbon Art

Era Fashion Patterns (#21)

Cooking with Henry’s ladies

How to Make Children’s clothes

Short cut to Home sewing

How to make dresses

Art of Dressmaking

Draping and Designing with Scissors & Cloth 1920’s

Fast fit – Easy Pattern alterations for every figure

How to make drapes    

Fordex Data

Model A Restoration Handbook 1997

Restore your Model A

Restore our Model A – Volumes 1-4

Model A Mechanics Vol I and II

Model A Paint & Finish 3rd edition

Model A Troubleshooting & Diagnostics

Model A miseries and cure

S.J. Police and Fire Department

SCVC Model A Memories 50th (3 copies)

Cars that Henry Ford Built

Driven (photo bio of H. Ford)

The Peoples Tycoon

The Tudor Book 1928-1931

The Ford Model A

The Legendary Model A Ford

Faces of Henry Ford

The Ford Model A as Henry Built it

Fabulous Century 1930-1940

Two bucks and a can of gas

Pages of time 1928-1931

2006 Membership Roster

Advertise Model A Ford

Fashion Guidelines 2010 version – 2 copies

Manifold Destiny (cooking)

Motor to Golden Gate

NADA Guide (2002)

Passport to Adventure

Wheels for the World

Two bucks and a can of gas

Pages of time 1928-1931

By Motor to Golden Gate

Misc. Restorer magazines