Terry Burtz's Model A Engine Update


Many of us have probably heard of the efforts of Terry Burtz  a member of our club, the Santa Clara Valley Model A Club, to produce a brand new Model A engine. This project started in 2007 and updates were sent by Email from April 2010 until May 2015 when the project stalled because of sky-rocketing cost and lack of quality control. Terry writes:

"I use the term "new engine" loosely because the only new parts are the cylinder block, crankshaft, and connecting rods. All interfaces for mating parts are identical to original and have been documented from original Ford drawings. Another way to describe the new engine is to say that the exterior looks like a Model A engine however the interior has 1970 engine technology.

Changes include 5 main bearings, counterweights on both sides of connecting rods, 2 inch diameter insert main and connecting rod bearings that can be bought at any auto parts store, oil pressure to mains, rods, and camshaft, streamlined intake ports, hard exhaust seats, thicker (3/16") water jacket wall on the water inlet side, Model B water deflector, added material between exhaust ports and cylinder, replaceable cam bearings, rear main seal that is available at any bearing supply house, and many other things. The good news is that the Model A engine project has been resurrected and is now alive and well."

Check out the project's progress at his website, www.ModelAEngine.com. If you'd like to ask a question about the project or get on Terry's mailing list, go to his CONTACT INFORMATION page.