Maffi Newsletter Minute


New for the 2017 Model A Day at the Model A Museum was the offering of a lapel pin showing the featured vehicle, a 1931 AA Standrive Milk Truck owned by Roger and DeeDee Kauffman.  Prior to Roger's passing he was well known as the Technical Chairman for MARC and wrote the "Technical Questions" article for "Model 'A' News".  DeeDee generously loaned this wonderful vehicle to the museum. To honor Roger and to start a new tradition, the pin was created.  This pin is offered in a limited quantity and can be ordered for $7 each (shipping included) 
You can send your order to:
Suzan O’Neale
477 Beaver Pond Way
Mineral, VA 23117
Please specifying the quantity and include a check payable to MAFFI.

There will be a different pin in 2018, so watch out for it and come to the museum to purchase your limited edition pin.  More information will follow.
Suzan O'Neale
MAFFI Trustee