Got Miles?

Please forward your 2017 Model A miles to Chuck Elderton .  Your current active odometer reading(s) as of 1/1/2018 are preferred as that is how the system is set up.  If you have more than one Model A, please report them separately.  If your odometer is broken (or some other excuse), please give me an estimate of your number of Model A miles driven during the 2017 calendar year.  If you changed the speedometer during the year, give me both the estimated miles and current odometer reading.  Again if you have more than one, which one did you drive…how far.  Let me know even if you drove zero Model A miles in 2017 – you are still a participant.   We can make anything work…except silence/no-response!

If you want to know the mileages that we have listed for you to date, just ask and I will send it to you.  I will also have the spreadsheet at the January meeting.