Maffi Newsletter Minute

Send a Brick for Christmas!

Since 2011, when we first started raising money for the construction of the Model A Museum, over 1400 bricks have been ordered in memory or in honor of our favorite Model A’ers, Model A clubs and regions.   We have room under the gas canopy at the Museum for about 200 more bricks.  It would be a wonderful thing if we could finish off that area this year!  You could help us make that goal by ordering a brick for a loved one for Christmas.  It would make a great gift for that loved one in your family who really doesn’t ‘need’ anything and of course, it would benefit the Model A Museum as well.  If your Model A region or club doesn’t yet have a brick at the Museum, now would be a good time to do that as well.  Use the brick order form in this issue of the ‘A’ Preserver to order your engraved brick.  It will be in place at the Museum by next September. 

Merry Christmas and thank you. 

Loukie Smith, Brick Coordinator