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The Only Thing Green is the Paint – Ursula Syrova

As an environmentally-minded person who spends every day at work thinking about the proper disposal of recyclables, compostabes, hazardous waste, waste reduction, non-toxic alternatives, water pollution prevention, litter reduction, extended producer responsibility, lifecycle analysis, and in general all things “green,” it has been an interesting journey owning my 1929 Tudor, Bennie Claude. Every time I drive Bennie I wonder how many miles I could drive my Prius to generate the same amount of tailpipe emissions as one mile in the antique. Every time I open my garage door I am hit with that familiar odor of gasoline and oil, and the restoration process has brought all manner of toxic substances into my life, from oil and grease to spray paint to adhesives to the woozy-making marine-grade POR-15. I have started to compile a little list of how to be an enironmentally responsible car maintainer, and the most recent tip I learned from my friend who works for the County of Santa Clara Household Hazardous Waste Program is that coolant should be treated as hazardous and not even be poured down an interior sink drain. (We all know never to pour anything down a storm drain, right? Since that all washes untreated to the creeks and bay? Good!) So, next time I flush the radiator I’m going to collect all that water in jugs and take it to a drop-off event. Santa Clara County residents can make an appointment at regularly scheduled drop-off opportunities all around the County at